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Evanston, IL

When Foodstuffs, the foremost purveyor of specialty foods in the Midwest, opened their second location, they wished to create an atmosphere that was midway between a food hall and a produce stall. White floors, plants, and metal surfaces express an emphasis on cleanliness and freshness to the customer. Displays, which include antique furniture, stress traditional lifestyle values and high quality.

A central island for coffee, cheese, and specialty prepared foods is distinguished by a canopy of trusswork supported by four columns that enclose refrigerator cases. The island dominates the 2,500-square-foot sales area. A pastry kitchen, fresh seafood, and meat areas are visible from the street.

Check-out and catering/will-call are combined with impulse items such as bread and flowers in the front windows. Packaged gourmet foods and wines are located in alcoves at peripheral walls.

Photography: Mark Ballogg