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Woodlawn Greens
Chicago, IL
Client: Woodlawn Renaissance Partners

The Chicago Department of Community Development awarded a contract to our team for the proposed Woodlawn Greens development. The project knits together existing residential, commercial, recreation, and institutional uses with new residential units and public green space to create a sustainable (LEED Silver rating), cohesive, well defined mixed-use neighborhood on the city’s South Side.

The plan establishes new residential buildings that form a cohesive neighborhood with public outdoor space within the well-defined perimeter of existing support services. A hierarchy of public spaces are planted and tree-lined, from street parkways (public) to neighborhood parks (semi-public) to residential gardens and yards (private).

In order to fit different sites, offer visual variety, and meet diverse housing needs, we proposed two new residential types. Both have been designed to harmonize with traditional residential materials, heights, and opening rhythms, while responding to passive solar and other sustainable construction strategies. The units are laid out to serve a broad range of accessibility needs, family sizes, and incomes.