Chicago, IL   Telephone 312 619 8389

Pivot Design
Chicago, IL

This office for a communications design firm is minimal and rigorous in its approach to organization and design. It integrates the company logo—an inverted bar—as a single thickened wall that subdivides the public spaces from studio functions.

The wall physically and symbolically embodies the firm. It holds its archive, library, materials, and communal work spaces. The simplicity of this approach is consistent with the firm’s notion of itself as a neutral, resonant surface that responds to the specific and various needs of its clients.

The wall is rigorously repeated in both public and private areas at different scales to create a serene clarity of organization and privacy. On the public side free standing walls separate reception, conference, and executive areas. On the studio side walls are further reduced in height and thickness to create work stations in clusters of four.

Photography: Barbara Karant